Saturday, January 24, 2009

That's Disrespectful

Do I really need to begin wearing a sign so people will know who I am? Clearly someone has gotten it twisted. This foolishness has got to stop! When the pretty friends come to visit, I have to get pretty. When there may be a chance that I could meet someone important, I have to look important. When flyness is in my presence, SYM will get fly. So HOW DARE YOU bring your mediocrity and substandard self around me! HOW DARE YOU insult my flyness by showing up underdressed for the occasion that is me! If I wake up and decide to get dressed to see you, it’s a sign of respect. It means I noticed that you were beautiful, fly, and important (possibly dateable), so I took a little extra time preparing myself, because I wanted you to know that I noticed. So with that being said...

Guys stop showing up for dates looking any kind of way. Find some pants and a shirt that fit. If you really want to impress her get a haircut. Take a shower. Iron your clothes and please put on your good shoes. Anything less is disrespectful.

Ladies night out? Don’t expect me to look anything less than fly. If you don’t dress to respect that, please do not get upset when you have to play my wing. Don’t walk around with the sad face because your lack of consideration has made you feel uncomfortable and now you can’t have a good time. We’re already running late. NO you cannot go change. NO we cannot leave. YOU already knew I was going to be dressed. This is the absolute worst when you’re going out with a group of new people. Then you reflect negatively on me, because I have to introduce you as my friend. I don’t want people asking me where I got you from.

People, let’s try to show a bit more consideration for our friends and acquaintances. The lengths you go through to prepare yourself is a sign of how you much you (don’t) care about the people you are going to see. Do better. Some of us have reputations to uphold.

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